Welcome DIY Artists!

Be Proud of Your Art
Computers and the internet has made it easier and affordable for beginning and intermediate artists to express their art and show them off to the world. And whether or not anybody is paying attention, in my opinion, does not matter.

It's nice to have friends and maybe followers who believe in your art and encourages you to persevere. It's also quite possible that the only fan you'll ever have is yourself... well, maybe you can include your mother... but my point is, when you finish something, no matter how big or small, I consider it an accomplishment. You can place yourself among those who started something and actually finished it. Be proud of your art.

This blog is dedicated to like-minded people who has gone before me and also to those who are just starting out.

As the title implies, this blog is for Do-It-Yourselfers like me. I will feature my stuff of course but others are welcome to share their art, may it be graphics, movies, music, web design (yes, I think it's an art), etc... as long as it has something to do with using computers as a major tool, and the end result is a format that can be played or viewed on a computer, CD or DVD player. In short the work should be digital. But more importantly... it should be home-made!

Nothing beats the feeling of producing something awesome (again, what matters is how you feel about your product) with just a few tools on hand. Heck, everything you produce might just be computer-based. In my opinion, the least equipment or tools you have the more creative you have to get.

I'd like to do music and graphics (illustrations, video, etc...) using my computer. I'm something in between of a novice and intermediate level.

Tools I'm Starting Out With
I won't lie to you. I'd like to get new, nifty stuff  but for now I'll have to work with what I have on hand. On software, some of you may already be familiar with, but to those who are not, I won't explain it in detail at this point so you'll have to wait or you can do your own research right now.

Here's what I intend to use but not exclusively:

  • Home-built Pentium 4 PC with 3Gb of RAM
  • Dell D810 laptop with 2Gb of RAM
  • Canon Powershot SD850 Digital Elph point-and-shoot camera
  • Panasonic Hard Drive video camera
  • Wacom Intuos tablet

So this will also be a learning experience for me. I will share my discoveries as I go along and hopefully somebody will learn something as well.

Experienced artists who happen to stumble upon this blog are welcome to share their tips and tricks. We won't be able to pay you anything but we'll be very grateful for your contributions.

See you on the next post!