A while back, My friend Brian lent me his Boss Micro BR 4-track digital recorder so I can play with it and hopefully be able to teach him how to use it. I figured this blog will help document my progress and become an online manual of sorts.

For my first project, I plan to record "Blackbird" by the Beatles. I think it's a good song to start with since I will only be dealing with one instrument.

The first segment of the test drive will serve as a how-to guide, intended to get you started recording right away without mucking around the manual.

So if you are a new owner, the goal is to get you in the moment of creating music immediately, not worrying too much about the myriad buttons on the gadget... yet it remains to be seen.

Long time, experienced owners of the Micro BR are welcome to chime in with your tips and tricks.

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Adobe Premiere 001 - My First Time Video Editing Experience

Recently, I was asked by my father-in-law, Bob, to help shoot a video for his Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge submission. I thought this would be a great opportunity to play with Adobe Premiere again.

My very first shot at Premiere was back in late September of this year (2009). It was a 38-second slide show. Actually, putting the video together was kind of a secondary project. The main project was the instrumental music I composed using Audacity.

Photoshop 001 - Level Adjustment

I like retouching my photos before I share them with anyone. My mother-in-law thinks I fuss about it too much but it's just me. One of the first things I learned doing image enhancements using Photoshop is manually adjusting levels.

Yes, it's easy to just use the Auto Levels function but there are times when the results just doesn't come out right. Then again it's just a matter of personal preference... and time constraints.

I'm nowhere near an expert. I'm just your average user, giving you my two cents on what works for me, and probably would work for other average users as well. I haven't really explored the nuts and bolts of the Levels adjustment because I haven't had the need for more than what I have been doing now. At least not YET.

Welcome DIY Artists!

Be Proud of Your Art
Computers and the internet has made it easier and affordable for beginning and intermediate artists to express their art and show them off to the world. And whether or not anybody is paying attention, in my opinion, does not matter.

It's nice to have friends and maybe followers who believe in your art and encourages you to persevere. It's also quite possible that the only fan you'll ever have is yourself... well, maybe you can include your mother... but my point is, when you finish something, no matter how big or small, I consider it an accomplishment. You can place yourself among those who started something and actually finished it. Be proud of your art.