Getting To Know The POD Farm Amp Models

As I mentioned in my previous post, I intend to learn and acquire an in-depth understanding of every piece of gear and software I have. On this post, I am going to learn about the 18 different amp models that come with Line 6’s POD Farm.

I have Version 1 of POD Farm which came with the POD Studio UX2 I got on Christmas of 2009. As of this writing, Version 2 has come out but I won’t go into that as I obviously don’t own it. I’m working with what I have.

Most amp models have knobs for drive, bass, middle, treble, presence and volume that can be tweaked allowing for hundreds if not thousands of possible tones.

To get familiar with the amp models, I decided to record clips to be able to compare each sound. Picking an amp model in POD Farm automatically pairs it with a pre-set cabinet, room position and one of three microphone types, all of which can also be tweaked so I’m not exaggerating when I mentioned the number of possible tones that can be had with this piece of software.

Avoiding G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

The home recording hobby can get very expensive really quickly if you're not careful. Hardware and software manufacturers have done a great job of marketing their wares, promising you the best sound at the push of a button. I try to avoid getting G.A.S. or Gear Acquisition Syndrome by reminding myself the following:

Coming Soon!

Just finishing up the audio and video for the next post featuring the amp models on the POD Farm plugin. Check back soon!

SWEEPSSTAKES OVER - Fender Telecaster HH Giveaway

Here's your chance to win this blacktop Telecaster HH  electric guitar.

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DIY Microphone Shock Mount - For Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

After finishing my DIY pop filter project and making some improvements on it, I decided to take my home recording adventures further by looking to see if anybody has attempted to build their own microphone shock mount. So I Googled "DIY shock mount" and sure enough, I found a few but they were for pencil or shotgun type microphones, like this one from The concepts were simple and really easy to build but I could tell it wouldn't work on my large diaphragm microphone so back to the drawing board.


In a parallel world I probably own a $10,000 guitar and able to record my musical creations on state-of-the-art recording rig in an acoustically treated studio, all in the comfort of my home. But here in our own world, I'm just starting out on a budget.

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned I got a Line 6 POD Studio UX2 courtesy of my parents-in-law. Eventually I got a Behringer C3 Dual Diaphragm Condenser Mic to get closer to an acceptable home-recording setup.

The next step was to get a pop shield for the microphone. This was necessary if I wanted to lessen the effects of "plosives" when recording vocal tracks.

Silvertone Citation SS10 Review

NOTE: see update #1 HERE.

I’ve always been a fan of the warm, fat sound of humbucker pickups common to the Les Paul style guitars but lately I’ve been curious about the Fender Stratocaster. I guess only the single coil pick-ups and that particular body style can make that unique, chunky, crisp and sometimes twangy “Strat” sound.

Look What Santa Got Me!

Been slacking on my blog. Just crazy busy both at work and at home but hopefully I'll be able to catch up.

Updates, updates... still working on the Micro BR session. To be honest, I've only gotten so far as taking pictures of the thing.