NOOB HOME RECORDING (006) - Plastic Flowers

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was abandoning "The Metro" cover and re-record an old original song instead. It's called "Plastic Flowers" written back in the 1990's by my friend and bassist, Paul. This was actually our first song as a band.

I tried to record it in on my own in 2005 with the following setup:

Vocals - using a cheap Sony dynamic microphone
Guitar - my Les Paul Jr.
Bass - also my Les Paul Jr.
Drums - a Boss DR-500 drum machine
Effects - Zoom 505 (1990's release)

All audio was run through a Tascam 4-Track tape recorder, no tape, which was hooked up via it's RCA outs into the stock sound card of a Dell PC, running Audacity. The guitars and "bass" was recorded by mic'ing a Crate 15w practice amp. This was my first taste of recording on a PC. I just dove in not really knowing exactly how it's done but Audacity was so intuitive that I got results which was far better than recording on a 4-track at the time.

Here's the old recording that I'm going to use as a reference.

Pill - plasticflowers(hall) by mario gozum aka PILL

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Refocusing Update

I've been totally sidetracked by my home improvement project. Anyway, here's an update for the Digital Lab:

THE BLOG - Still serious about the title change. I have some ideas floating in my head.

NOOB HR - Was working on covering "The Metro" but I'm having trouble with copyright worries... I'd like to invoke fair use but what should I do with the finished product? I found out, to play it safe, I needed to get a license to ensure proper ass coverage... BUT there's the cost. I think it's not worth it, so... I'm abandoning this project and restarting with an original song instead. More on that later.

DISCOVERING REAPER - Dabbled with it a bit. Still don't know much about it. I'll use it on the new Noob HR project.

GUITAR MOD - I already have a nice humbucker to replace the one on my Epiphone LP Jr. The plan is to install it with coil tapping options... then the old humbucker will go to the Silvertone SS10 converting it into an HSS config... also with coil tapping features.

And there you have it!