I decided to skip the sections on Output and Input Aliasing, Setting Up MIDI and Plug-Ins. I figured I could do it as needed. Reading on down the user guide there's an important blurb on backing up. Having had experience with glitches and crashes and --GASP-- the blue screen of death, this would be the most important thing to do on a regular basis.


I was browsing through some used books for sale at our local library when I saw this picture on the cover of The Master Printer's Workbook: A Professional Guide To Black and White Darkroom TechniquesAt the time I didn't even know or recognize who it was but I thought it was a striking photo and it would be a nice subject for my first portrait drawing so I bought the book.

DISCOVERING REAPER - 001 - Setting Up Audio

Setting up audio preferences is the next important topic tackled in the user guide. Having software and hardware agree with each other before you hit the "record" button will ensure the likelihood of a hassle-free home recording experience.

DISCOVERING REAPER - 000 - Introduction

I've had the evaluation copy of Reaper 3 installed for a while but never came around to using it as I've been comfortable with Ableton Live but after listening to episode 131 of the Home Recording Show podcast, I've decided to take this personal trip to discovering this DAW.