DISCOVERING REAPER - 000 - Introduction

I've had the evaluation copy of Reaper 3 installed for a while but never came around to using it as I've been comfortable with Ableton Live but after listening to episode 131 of the Home Recording Show podcast, I've decided to take this personal trip to discovering this DAW.

First I downloaded and installed the latest version, number 4.0.2 at the time of writing. Next was the free downloadable user guide. I plan to read the user guide from start to finish and do the exercises as well.

The first few pages recommends downloading the sample project files and a LAME MP3 encoder. The project files are pretty straight forward while the MP3 encoder requires a couple of steps:
  1. Download MP3 encoder .DLL file.
  2. Copy the file, lame_enc.dll into the Reaper program file folder.

I didn't have to download the encoder since I already had it in use with Audacity. All I did was copy and paste it.

So that's it for starters. Next up, Chapter 1 - Setting Up and Getting Started.

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