On this post we'll get familiarized with the five bass amp models of POD Farm (version 1). Bass playing is not my strongest suit but for this demo it will have to do.The bass on this sound test is an Ibanez GSR 190-T with both pickups active, all knobs on full. I used a medium pick.

The bass modeling on the POD Farm allows for different combinations of amp and cabinet, room positioning of the cabinet, different microphone and mic positions. Top that with customizable amp settings and we get potentially hundreds of sonic possibilities.

Latest Home Recording: STEREO

I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy finishing my latest home recording. Yeah, it's bad but kinda good at the same time. Well I'm done... finally.

I wrote Stereo back in the early 90's when Pill was still actively playing. The song's inspiration revolves around being stereotyped when the general impression was that you were most likely an addict of sorts if you were in a rock band. But we were far from it. It was annoying but hey, it gave me fodder for a song.