Latest Home Recording: STEREO

I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy finishing my latest home recording. Yeah, it's bad but kinda good at the same time. Well I'm done... finally.

I wrote Stereo back in the early 90's when Pill was still actively playing. The song's inspiration revolves around being stereotyped when the general impression was that you were most likely an addict of sorts if you were in a rock band. But we were far from it. It was annoying but hey, it gave me fodder for a song.

As for the tune, I wanted it to have a 70's feel. I'm not sure if I achieved it. You be the judge.

Production-wise, I thought I'd update it a bit on this recording by adding extra guitars (Pill was a three-piece band).  I've always envisioned the song having some kind of keyboard accompaniment so I added an organ using my DAW's built in instrument plugin and a 49-key Oxygen 8 midi keyboard controller.

The song's in tagalog so for the benefit of english-speaking readers I'll try to translate it to the best of my abilities.

By Mario Gozum

Verse 1:
Hindi ako praning, hindi ako siga
I'm not crazy, I'm not a bully
Masaya lamang ako sa aking ginagawa
I'm just happy with everything I do
Sabi ninyo tulad ko'y isang adik
You say my kind are all addicts
At sa mga babae laging nananabik
And always lusting for women

Kirat ka ba? Tingin mo ay iisa
Are you one-eyed? You can only see things one way.

Verse 2:
Hindi ako mahina, hindi ako lampa
I''m not weak, I'm not sick
Anyo kong panlabas ay inuuto ka
My appearance is deceiving you   
Sabi nila tulad ko'y walang silbi
They say my kind are all useless
Ang maling akala ng nakararami
A wrong assumption by many

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Chorus

I do hope you like the song.

Thanks to my friend Brian Cook and  the guys at the Recording Review and The Recording Project forums for all the constructive feedbacks and suggestions during the recording and mixing process.

If anyone out there can do a better translation please put it in the comments. Thanks in advance.