NOOB HOME RECORDING (003) - VST Drum Programming

Nothing beats having real drums with a real drummer playing behind it. As with almost everything with this hobby, the drum kit or kits, the number of mics needed to capture the sound, studio rental if you happen to primarily work in your bedroom... all come at a cost. Not to mention hiring an experienced drummer if you don't already know one who is willing to work for free. I have none of the above so the next best thing is the drum machine or virtual drums.

A Pat On the Back

I find it very rewarding when total strangers leave praises and nice comments for any work I've done. It feels great when people, other than friends and relatives, find what I have to share enjoyable. At some level it's a validation to why I do what I do and that's what keeps me inspired to do even more.

NOOB HOME RECORDING (002) - Lining Up Drum Beats

For the benefit of total beginners, I would like to point you to the Glossary link at the top. This will come in handy as I throw out a bunch of acronyms and foreign sounding terms. -Mario

After finding a suitable version of The Metro for a scratch track, it's time to get busy with drums or drum programming. In my case, it's the latter since I don't know any drummer, I don't own real drums and even if I did, I won't do a good job at it. Enter, the drum Virtual Studio Technology instrument or VSTi for short.

Owsinski, On Making Your Band Sound Great

Here's a few more golden nuggets from Bobby Owskinski on how to improve your band's performance. On his recent blog, he extracts some tips from his book: How To Make Your Band Sound Great.

He briefly explains Dynamics, Attack and Releases, and Turnarounds.

I think these can also be great songwriting tools. I'll make sure to take the time to incorporate these aspects into my songwriting process.

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