A Pat On the Back

I find it very rewarding when total strangers leave praises and nice comments for any work I've done. It feels great when people, other than friends and relatives, find what I have to share enjoyable. At some level it's a validation to why I do what I do and that's what keeps me inspired to do even more.

Sometime last year (2010), I submitted "Make Me Crawl" for consideration on  the Home Made Hit Show podcast hosted by Tony Butterworth (UK) and Dave Criddle (BC). It was then featured among other submissions on show number 209 in February the following year.

Some of the nice comments on the show's zoom forum page:

"Delightful. The opening reminds me of Fleetwood Mac's "Sarah," and the vocals remind me of CSN&Y. I love when it kicks in to high gear electric. Well done." - The Cracks

"Excellent song particularly the guitar work and vocals" - Dave Cooper

"Excellent first song – nice relaxed feel to it." - GeeJay