DISCOVERING REAPER - 003 - Starting Reaper

By default, Reaper opens the last project every time you start the program. I think it's a cool feature. It simply saves me a few mouse-clicks but this behavior can be changed by setting program preferences, or just temporarily by holding down the SHIFT key while Reaper is starting. For now I'm happy just the way it is.

I also discovered that I can still have Reaper start up in different ways without futzing with the preference settings. By simply using the Windows START menu and selecting REAPER, I am offered four other choices.
  • Create New Project
  • Reset Configuration To Factory Defaults
  • ReWire Slave Mode
  • Show Audio Configuration On Startup

On the next installment, I'll be going through Chapter 2: Reaper Project Basics.

Awesome!!! Home Recording On The Cheap

Bobby Owsinski featured One Like Son's "Start The Show" video done entirely with an iPhone, an interface and a few apps.

Check out the blog post HERE.

Check out One Like Son's music HERE.

I Want That eBook!!!

 Ian Shepherd of Production Advice is giving away three copies of his new "Mastering with Multi-Band Compression" eBook and video. Needless to say, I want to win one!

Most of my friends and some reviewers in home recording forums already think "Make Me Crawl" is a good first effort into recording my own music.But  I think it can even go further given the know-how and the right tools (that I may already have but don't know how to use it).

I just feel the song needs more punch. If I win a copy, I would use the existing version as a test bed for everything I'm going to learn from the ebook and videos.

So Ian... please, for your consideration, have a listen to my original... Make Me Crawl. If you can give additional comments, that would be great... and hey, if you decide I should have a free copy of your e-book, that's would be fantastic!

Note: If you're interested in winning your own copy of the ebook and video, read the contest rules HERE.