I Want That eBook!!!

 Ian Shepherd of Production Advice is giving away three copies of his new "Mastering with Multi-Band Compression" eBook and video. Needless to say, I want to win one!

Most of my friends and some reviewers in home recording forums already think "Make Me Crawl" is a good first effort into recording my own music.But  I think it can even go further given the know-how and the right tools (that I may already have but don't know how to use it).

I just feel the song needs more punch. If I win a copy, I would use the existing version as a test bed for everything I'm going to learn from the ebook and videos.

So Ian... please, for your consideration, have a listen to my original... Make Me Crawl. If you can give additional comments, that would be great... and hey, if you decide I should have a free copy of your e-book, that's would be fantastic!

Note: If you're interested in winning your own copy of the ebook and video, read the contest rules HERE.