Hah! I just dug up this old music file from back in the mid 90's. It's just spontaneous "noodling" in the studio while on rehearsal break. I just started playing this palm muted riff. Next thing you know, Art (drums) started playing along. Paul (bass) soon joined in. What followed next was pure four-and-a-half minutes of fun and mayhem.

The lyrics were gibberish of course. At that time I must've been thinking about Rage Against The Machine.

Lugaw No.5

I have a couple of favorite parts:

At 2:45 where I started playing harmonics and Paul just shifted his pattern and ended up with an awesome melodic break.

The next one's at around 3:34... more gibberish but I was more interested on the guitar parts. As I listened to it, I just kept asking myself, "How the heck  did I do that?".

Anyway, this looks like something that could turn into another music project. It would be fun to try to recreate it on my digital setup, maybe add real lyrics to it and do a proper arrangement. Hopefully I can figure out how I played those nifty guitar parts.

Thanks to Art for bringing his tape recorder and capturing this awesome moment. It brings back fond memories and never fails to put a smile on my face every single time I listen to it.