NOOB HOME RECORDING (007): Laying The Foundation

I finally mustered enough motivation to continue my home recording adventures... well, being sick  and cooped up in the bedroom all day had something to do with it.

I fired up Reaper and continued working on the basic drum pattern on Plastic Flowers using BFD Eco.

Laying the "basic drum pattern" is my preferred method for starting a song project. It's as simple as setting the tempo, key in alternating base drum and snare pattern,  then copying and pasting the pattern to last the entire length of the song.

Doing so gives me, one, a better metronome as opposed to the usual beep sound that comes with most DAWs, and second, it serves as my drum template. I would already have one-third of my drum programming done since all I have to do next is add the embellishments.

I promised myself that I'd do a better job at documenting my progress so that this blog becomes a useful personal  reference for future projects.

BFD ECO Settings

1) I chose the default startup preset using  the "Dry 70's Kit"

2) Then on the Channel page, I cycled through the kick drum types and settled for the Pearl Masterworks with EQ,  Drive (FX1) and EnvShaper (FX2) activated. Parameters as pictured.

For the snare I chose the Slingerland snare with EQ, EnvShaper (FX1) and Comp Chan (FX2). Settings as pictured.

3) On the Groove Channel, I picked Genre: Pop, BPM Range: 60 to 70, Time Signature: 4/4, Groove Pattern: 12-8 Feel No Hats Crash. Then I simply clicked and dragged the groove title into the track.

This gave me an initial basis for the kick drum and side stick. Double clicking on the track opens the midi layout window allowing me to edit the pattern. I removed the cymbal crash, and moved the kick and snare notes around to get to the final basic pattern.

Once I was satisfied with the settings, I simply copied and pasted to span the entire length of the song.

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