NOOB HOME RECORDING (006) - Plastic Flowers

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was abandoning "The Metro" cover and re-record an old original song instead. It's called "Plastic Flowers" written back in the 1990's by my friend and bassist, Paul. This was actually our first song as a band.

I tried to record it in on my own in 2005 with the following setup:

Vocals - using a cheap Sony dynamic microphone
Guitar - my Les Paul Jr.
Bass - also my Les Paul Jr.
Drums - a Boss DR-500 drum machine
Effects - Zoom 505 (1990's release)

All audio was run through a Tascam 4-Track tape recorder, no tape, which was hooked up via it's RCA outs into the stock sound card of a Dell PC, running Audacity. The guitars and "bass" was recorded by mic'ing a Crate 15w practice amp. This was my first taste of recording on a PC. I just dove in not really knowing exactly how it's done but Audacity was so intuitive that I got results which was far better than recording on a 4-track at the time.

Here's the old recording that I'm going to use as a reference.

Pill - plasticflowers(hall) by mario gozum aka PILL

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