Back on the music front. My current project is still in the works. I've pretty much laid down all the basic tracks except for the vocals. But it's already taking too long to finish. I keep getting distracted and I'm always finding excuses not to record this one final track so I can begin mixing.

Anyway, if you're interested on the song's progress, here's what I have so far... it's called Stereo and the song will be in Tagalog. This track is still in its raw form and will be mixed once I have all the elements in.

Stereo-Raw Backing Track

On another note, there is an interesting interview with Kim Lajoie on the Home Recording Show podcast. The important thing I personally got out of the interview is to concentrate on making music instead of obsessing about gear. It doesn't matter if I have a rinky dink effects box or a $2000 recording console. What matters is knowing how to effectively use the equipment and software you have and that the music must come first.

Kim Lajoie also has a blog with heaping amounts of information and insights on recording and making music. Be sure to check it out.