After recording the basic parts, Guitar, Bass and Drums, I did an initial "levels and panning only" mix to get a rough idea of the final product and also to make it sound somewhat pleasing when I start laying down vocals. I think it improves my performance when the music sounds good, at least in my ears.

The tracks I ended up with are:

Drums: all within BFD Eco MIDI track with volume level, panning and effects applied, so basically recorded wet. At this point I didn't see the need to bounce each drum piece to individual AUDIO tracks. I like how it sounds right now.

Chorus Guitars: Recorded WET. I just wanted to keep it simple. My thinking is that during pre-production, I made a conscious decision to select the desired effect and print it on the track during recording so I wouldn't spend too much time fiddling with the dry track during mixing phase. I played the guitar parts twice on separate tracks then panned them left and right to widen it in the stereo field and nudged one track a few cents to achieve a slight swirl effect.

Bass: I also recorded the bass WET. I then duplicated the track and panned each slightly to left and right maintaining the bass pretty much in the middle of the mix.

I adjusted the Kick Drum and Bass levels so that they sort of blend together. After that I adjusted guitar levels to taste.

Here's a clip of the rough mix.

Levels, Panning Rough Mix

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